Traditional Recipes

July 9, 2011 Rabbit stew is a favorite dish made with rabbit and can accompany the pasta, potatoes or rice. It is very complex but very tasty, just because the flavors are simple and strong. Made with whole onions and tomatoes or tomato paste, allspice, pepper, bay leaves and garlic and requires good marinating the meat off with red wine {More...}


Cretans eat too much fruit. Six times more than they eat in the Nordic countries. The sufficiency of the island is evident here. Medlars, Peaches, Nectarines, Quinces, bitter, prickly pears, pomegranates, grapes, melons, cherries, vanilla, strawberry, Janeiro, melons, citrus, tangerines. Famous are the oranges of Chania, Messara Fodele and district. Known as bananas the coastal Arvi, settlement of Viannos, puny, {More...}


Skaros, cod, sea urchin, anchovies, sardines, smelt, butts, bream, swordfish monkfish, eels, cuttlefish, octopus, squid, and missing from the menu of the Cretan diet, also talking about the island and it could not have the honor of the fish. Emphasis on fatty fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Anchovies marinated in vinegar that is baked and preserved in {More...}

Nuts, wine, raki

They go together. Nuts such as almonds, walnuts chestnuts harvested from trees that normally grow freely without extensive cultivation are the raisins with an energy snack rich in protein and linoleic acid. Each home care to ensure the quantity of nuts used in desserts such as the year stafidota as biscuits stuffed with raisins, walnuts, sesame seeds {More...}

Cereals, pulses

The thick or Bulgur or cracked wheat, replacing or supplementing the rice in many dishes such as omathies a type of sausage made from pig intestines stuffed with rice or bulgur wheat, pork livers, pomegranate, walnuts, spices and raisins, stuffed, the stuffing in in meat. The stuffed vine leaves are stuffed are very common and popular lunch {More...}


The Cretans did not eat very traditional meat and when they did, they preferred the goats and sheep and rarely ate red meat. More often than all but consume poultry and rabbits. Many homes have their own. Light meat when it is no backyard to resemble anything they trade. The eggs of poultry have real flavor and does not {More...}

Cheese and dairy

Small Kritikopoula close their nose when they have to drink goat milk freskoarmegmeno. So I did not know why that is the most nutritious and best especially for a developing child. Milk and yogurt is a very nice addition to goats and sheep from local producers who supply the entire country. Cheese can also be found locally at {More...}

Cretan Honey

Beekeepers in Crete there are many. In fact, 2,206 and rising. More and more young people are turning to the profession even watching the developments and acquiring knowledge for the betterment of their work is entirely outdoors over the wildflowers, shrubs, native plants, thyme and the pine trees by bees and hives that produce distinctive and aromatic blossom {More...}


Cute pet suffering hell on earth. Divided into “thick” and “slender” and get their name from the ancient word that the helical screw shape of the shell. Are very tasty snails that placed upside down in the pan (the Cretan boumpourizo = keel), where fried with sea salt, vinegar and dentolivano. Also cooked with big words or otherwise {More...}


Love ah .. Love or maybe Erontas? dittany called an edible herb with healing and antiseptic action is shy and grows steep making the collection of dangerous.Combining the three main characteristics of the namesake of love. Sensitive and dangerous but worth it because we do good epoulonontas wounds we opened to get it! You can drink your drink {More...}